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EFT Tapping

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Are you ready to finally get to the bottom of your struggle with your weight? Are you open to the possibility that the ‘advice’ you got to “just eat less and exercise more” is tragically missing the point? Are you ready to break free from the prison of dieting and the cycle of self-blame, self-shame, self-punishment, deprivation and general misery that comes with it? Not to mention failure. I was in that cycle for decades, you can read my story here but the gist of it is that I tried every diet in the book, latching onto the latest ‘sure-fire-this-can’t-fail-honest’ weight loss and pushing my body through obsessive and punishing exercise regimes.

Because here’s the thing. If trying harder at dieting worked, it would have worked already. If counting calories, points, syns, fat grams (yada yada…) worked, it would have worked already.

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The real reason that your body is stubbornly clinging onto the fat that you’re so desperate to shift is because it wants it there. Your subconscious mind has instructed your body to hold onto that fat for dear life… and until you get to the bottom of why your subconscious mind sees a benefit in keeping all the extra fat, it ain’t going nowhere!

A before shot from when I was at my heaviest and a 2017 shot of me 20kgs lighter practising crow pose.

So how do you escape the hopeless dead-end of dieting misery forever? By shifting the focus from your mouth to your mind, soul and spirit. You can do this with techniques like EFT Tapping and the ThetaHealing Technique, because the key to sustainable and permanent weight-loss has always been all in your head. My own decades-long struggle to release my stubborn excess fat, has led me to the following conclusions…

  • ›Your weight problem won’t be solved only by focusing on food and exercise. Dieting does NOT work››
  • ››If you’re carrying excess weight, your subconscious mind wants it as some kind of defense against emotional, mental, and physical stresses or threats (I know! Crazy isn’t it, part of you WANTS the extra weight – it took me a long time to accept that one myself),
  • ››If you persist with the low calorie and low fat dieting trap, your subconscious mind will set off a storm of hormonal havoc and cravings to make sure you not only hold onto your excess weight but store even more,
  • This mental and emotional stress comes from our past or current life experiences, as well as from the beliefs and programming resulting from these experiences,
  • ››This can all be boiled down to what I call The BEEBs: Beliefs, Emotions, Events and Benefits.

››The BEEBs are what I focus on when helping my clients on the road to finally releasing excess weight effortlessly, which happens when our body-mind starts working with us, instead of fighting against us.

Before we continue though, I do want to make one thing clear. Right here, right now, exactly as you are in this moment, you are brilliant, courageous and inspiring. I see your pain and I see your shame and I see your despair and I see your fear of even daring to hope that this might be a way out of the fat prison. I see all that because I lived it too. For decades. I’ve walked through this minefield and I’m here to walk you safely through it as well. You’ve beaten yourself up long enough and you’ve been sad long enough. It’s time to stop that. Let’s do this you beautiful soul…

“You’re been criticizing yourself for years and it hasn’t worked. Try approving of yourself and see what happens.” Louise Hay