Past-life Regression is the use of hypnosis to lead a person back in time to their earliest memories. Then the therapist takes them even further back to their previous lives. The therapist and client are then able to examine experiences that seem to have formed the roots of their current fears and phobias. If you can connect your current fears to a past life, those fears will often disappear.

Many people struggle with the concept of past-lives as it would seem to require a belief in reincarnation. This is not the case though. Yes, it is possible that we have all lived many lives before this one but it is also possible that we have, encoded in our DNA, all the lives, experiences and traumas of our ancestors. Just as we may have inherited our great great grandmother’s hair colour and gift for music, we may have also inherited her fear of water after she almost drowned as a child. The research now available on the effectiveness of past-life regression is overwhelming and undeniable. Wherever these past-life memories come from, being able to access them can have a tremendously positive impact on our life now.


As well as Past-life regression, our team offers alternative healing therapies and complementary therapies such as ThetaHealing, Hypnotherapy, NLP coaching, and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) also known as Tapping. Get in touch if you want to chat about how any of these therapies could help with your particular issue, be it physical, mental or emotional.